I am the granddaughter of homesteaders on the prairies, living in the community they worked to establish nearly a century ago.  Attachment to this land is an integral part of what defines my life.  I want to draw attention to a serene, peaceful facet of God’s creation and to raise awareness of the beauty and rhythm inherent  in this “forgotten landscape”.  The Prairies are often too easily dismissed as flat, monotonous and monolithic and frequently portrayed with minimal, broad brushstrokes and very limited palette, but this “empty land” is full of visual rewards and surprises for those willing to invest time and patience.

I prefer to mix colour on the paper, using glazing and wet-into-wet techniques, as well as dry-brush and occasionally scraping to add texture, detail and highlights.  Rather than a realistic rendering, my watercolours reflect the subtle, gracious beauty of the grasslands, coulees, fields and skies that comprise the western Canadian prairie landscape.